Why Should You Have Carpets for Your Home and Bedroom?


Staying at home and working from home will be here for a while. It will take months or at least a year before things fully get back on track whether it’s about our jobs, business or leisure. We’ll be spending much of our time at home and it makes sense now to pay attention to every detail that comes into it.

Why should you have carpets for your home and bedroom

It’s especially the case with the flooring because it occupies a large space. Aside from exerting a big influence on the aesthetics, the floor also has a role on improving safety, acoustics and even health. Let’s now talk about them one by one.

First, the flooring can promote safety by preventing slips and making falls less harmful. It’s the case with carpets that provide some cushion. If there are babies and children, this cushion means a lot to their fun and safety. This will also give families peace of mind in case of a slip or a fall from the bed. Although it’s best to have some barriers on the bed to prevent children from falling, it will not hurt to make the floor a bit softer and safer.

Some homeowners, especially older adults, also report that carpeted floors are much gentler on their joints. Both our weight and the impact of our feet onto the floors can put a toll on our knees, joints and legs. It’s a slow and gradual process because of our everyday walking inside our homes. Perhaps the pain and discomfort are caused by something else such as natural aging. But if you noticed that many clinics have carpeted floors, you will then be more inclined to have carpets in your home and bedroom.

What about acoustics? Carpets are a better choice than plain wood floors if you prefer a quiet home and bedroom. That’s because carpets absorb the sound while the exposed wood reflects it. The noise even becomes more pronounced at night when everything’s quiet. Also, if someone else wakes up in the middle of the night, you don’t want to be woken up by footsteps hitting the hardwood floor. In workplaces, perhaps they choose carpets because of that extra silence and focus. This can also be valuable in home offices where people need to focus on their mentally demanding tasks.

Finally, carpets can also help with our health. The COVID-19, other viruses, bacteria, mould and allergens have made us aware of the threats around us. In contrast to plain solid floors where a bit of wind and movement can disperse dust and allergens, the carpet fibres can instead trap those particles. This will have a huge positive impact on your daily life especially when you stay or work from home all day because there will be lower levels of dust and allergens circulating around.

There are other practical benefits to having carpets. If you require more information about carpets and how to make the best choice, you can contact us here at Carpet Direct 2 U. Since 1974 we’ve been supplying and installing carpets in homes and commercial premises. If you contact us today, we can also give you a no-obligation free quote.