Why Is Oak Wood Good for Flooring?


Whether it’s for a new build, restoration or renovation, oak flooring can enhance the value and appeal of homes. Aside from its natural appeal and elegance, oak wood also has that durability and longevity that homeowners look for. After all, wood is about longevity, stability and history, which is why many people choose oak wood for the homes they’ll live in for the next years and decades.

Why is oak wood good for flooring

Both modern and traditional design houses have oak floors because of the material’s strength, longevity and durability. In fact, as early as the 9th century the material was used to build Viking longships (long, wide and light ships for transporting troops during warfare). Oak was also used as a material for barrels in aging wines and whiskey. Mainly, oak wood has been used for building something whether for transport, storage and even housing and flooring.

In modern times the material is often used as a flooring material. One reason is its great hardness and strength as well as its resistance to insects and fungi. These factors are crucial for making the floors last and require minimal maintenance. Aside from aesthetics, customers also think about the practical side of having flooring made of a certain material.

Many customers aim for a timeless appeal for their homes and floors. In these times of great uncertainty, it’s important that some elements remain and that we keep the natural intact. It’s the case with the use of wood, that even if there are other materials that mimic the appearance of wood, we can still immediately feel what’s real and natural.

Back then there’s not much variety when it comes to oak floors. But lately a wide variety of looks and appeal can now be achieved thanks to the modern finishes and surface coatings. For example, there are homes now with the same oak floor material but with different looks such as Saddle Brown, White Smoked, Ash Grey and French Natural.

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