Why Do People Still Prefer Wood Floors


Perhaps you have doubts now whether to go for the wood floors. After all, wood absorbs and loses moisture in response to the temperature and humidity levels. The wood then contracts, expands or swells which is not good for its appearance and integrity.

Why do people still prefer wood floors

Despite the drawbacks, many homeowners still choose wood floors over other materials. Although laminate can be made to look like real wood (plus imitating the textured image), it still feels different to have wood as the flooring.

Perhaps it’s about the air of stability and history. Others immediately think about that characteristic smell that signals elegance and sophistication. Many think that wood is always a safe choice as found in several heritage structures that still have their integrity. No matter the reason, wood flooring helps differentiate a home from the rest.

Earlier we mentioned that the wood floor may contract or swell in response to fluctuating temperature and humidity levels. It’s always been a persistent problem especially in Australia’s harsh environmental conditions. It’s then important that temperature and humidity levels inside the home (or where there are rooms and spaces with wood floors) are kept uniform and steady. This way the wood material won’t experience much expansion and contraction.

What about maintenance? Also, this has always been a challenge because wood is reactive and can be easily scratched or chipped. But with proper care and some precautions (rugs and mats near sinks to prevent direct spills on the floor, quickly wiping the spills, pads under furniture legs), the appearance and integrity of the surfaces will last long. Also, it helps to apply a strong surface coating in the first place to protect the underlying wood material. There are lacquer matt finishes that provide extra protection from scratch (plus being resistant to water stain and dust).

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