What Types of Carpet Tiles Do We Supply?


Carpet Direct 2 U has been operating in Willoughby, Sydney for over 50 years now. We are the industry leaders in commercial carpet tile supply and this is because we have a vast selection of different types of carpet tiles available for sale. It is also because we only supply high quality carpet tiles that are safe, durable and comfortable to tread on. In our previous blog posts we have covered how commercial carpet tiles can improve safety ratings within the workplace, why buying Australian-made carpet tiles is important and how commercial carpet tiles can improve comfort and wellbeing. In this post we will cover the types of carpet tiles Carpet Direct 2 U stocks and outline their features and benefits.

Our carpet tiles vary in size (50 x 50cm or 5 x 5m) and in thickness (5.0, 6.0 and 6.5mm). They are made from either 100% nylon or 100% polypropylene bulk continuous filament. The nylon carpets supplied by Carpet Direct 2 U all have a product lifecycle of 15 years. The polypropylene bulk continuous filament carpets vary in lifespan from 7 to 10 years. All of our commercial carpet  tiles are fire resistant and have passed ISO 9239-1 compliance requirements. They are all glued down during installation and can be very easily replaced if they suffer damage or serious stains that cause a safety hazard or ruin the aesthetic of your workplace.

All of our carpet tiles come in multiple styles classified by the series they are a part of. Every series that is in stock at Carpet Direct 2 U has five different variants which can be used to create a unique look at your workplace. The exception is our Metro Boulevard series which has only two varieties available. The series we have available, as described in our product brochure, include:

  • The Ritz Plaza Series
  • Timeliness Avenue Series
  • Timeliness Newline Series
  • Vika Series
  • Innovation Square Series
  • Hillside Series
  • Kimberly Rise Series
  • Metro Boulevard Series
  • Metro Living Series

You can acquire more information about each series by reading the information contained in our dossier.

When you purchase carpet tiles from us, we include either 20, 24, 28 or 32 carpet tiles in the box. Depending on the dimensions of each carpet tile, that means you either get 5, 6, 7 or 8 metres squared of carpet tiles per box when you buy from Carpet Direct 2 U. We offer bespoke product supply, so we can cater to your office floor plan when you call us to place an order. We also perform installation and can cut down any carpet tiles you buy to ensure that your floor is tightly covered with carpet tiles following installation. We won’t leave any floor bare and will do our best to minimise loss when trimming your new carpet tiles down to size.

If you are looking to fit out your commercial space with safety flooring features, contact Carpet Direct 2 U today for a quote for commercial carpet tiles. We are open to trade Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 4:00pm. Call us on 0414 227 738 or reach out via our contact page to ask us to supply and install your carpet tiles and improve the look and feel of your office space.