What Type of Flooring is Best for Hospitals?


The type of flooring actually has a huge impact in hospitals, clinics, patient rooms and other healthcare settings. That’s because the floor type and design can influence the patients’ healing and progress as well as affect their families’ comfort.

What type of flooring is best for hospitals?

In hospitals where health, safety and comfort are priorities, it’s common to have the conventional solid tiles for flooring. After all they’re easy to clean and disinfect as well as promote easy mobility when moving patients around. However, wall-to-wall carpets and carpet tiles are also used in waiting areas, walk areas and patient rooms. One reason is the carpet’s excellent acoustic properties which effectively control noise pollution (disrupting noise can affect the patients’ healing and progress).

Another reason is the comfort levels while walking. A floor that is too hard could be straining to our feet and legs. But with carpets, there’s some cushion that takes away the strain and pain. We always clearly notice the difference whenever we walk on carpeted floors. Walking and moving around becomes a lot more comfortable (and somehow brings a sense of relief). That effect is magnified to patients and their families because of what they’re going through physically and emotionally.

To make a safe choice though, vinyl tiles are great because of their ease of cleaning and maintenance. Spills are a lot easier to clean on vinyl flooring than on carpets. Also, vinyl tiles are highly durable and cost effective. Still though, carpets have that “premium” effect and this can be appropriate in certain hospital areas and for healthcare facilities that cater to wealthy individuals.

The choice also depends on the total costs especially if we’re talking about the huge surface area the floor material is going to occupy. Expect carpet tiles to be more expensive and there are additional nuances about its maintenance. After all, healthcare environments should be cleaned and disinfected regularly to prevent the thriving and accumulation of harmful microbes as well as dust and other particles.

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