What is the Healthiest Flooring to Install?


Our home and workplace environment affects our health more than we realise. Aside from the appearance, lighting and ventilation, the building materials can also have a gradual and significant impact on our health. It’s especially the case when we think about the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other chemicals that might be getting released from the materials that surround us.

What is the healthiest flooring to install?

With that awareness, we want our home, workplace or commercial premise to be safe and healthy. Although good ventilation is a must to avoid or minimise accumulation of volatiles and chemicals inside our premises, we still want those chemicals to be absent in the first place.

To start, we can choose our flooring and finishes to have low VOCs. Perhaps sooner or later you’ll read that carpets and vinyl flooring have high VOCs. It’s important to clarify with the supplier and installer about that issue if you want to be sure about the VOC content. Most likely there are already safeguards or pre-treatment to deal with volatile organic compounds.

When it comes to the floor finishes, VOC emissions are also an issue because significant amounts can come from paints, varnishes and other coatings. For example, even low amounts of formaldehyde can irritate our eyes, skin and respiratory tract. Good news is that the amounts of formaldehyde and other VOCs are being watched carefully in almost all materials and finishes. As  result, most of the flooring materials and finishes we can find are already considered safe.

In other words, most likely the flooring will have low very toxicity if the materials and finishes come from the most reputable suppliers and that the installation was done professionally (i.e. proper pre-treatment). There will always be pros and cons, but what matters is the quality and if everything is done according to the highest health and safety standards.

Here we adhere to the latest professional and safety standards when it comes to flooring supply and installation (whether it’s carpet, timber, vinyl plank or stone flooring). Contact us today for more information about flooring options and their levels of toxicity and risks (and get to know how we address them).