What Flooring is Best for Offices?


Offices will stay despite the work-from-home. We’re not going to spend the rest of our lives on Zoom calls and online meetings. We still need to meet, get everyone on the same page and exchange ideas face to face.

What flooring is best for offices?

However, the office environment should feel great and delightful in the first place. It should encourage innovation and inspiration so that managers and employees can freely develop their ideas and make it easier for them to focus. That can happen if the design and feel of the office is friendly, sophisticated and professional.

For that to happen, most of us pay attention only to the resulting appearance of the walls and the types of chairs, desks and decorations to put into the workspace. We often forget about the floor that occupies a huge surface area. Actually, the floor heavily influences the aesthetics and feel of the office environment. The appearance and type of flooring also affects the acoustic properties of the workspace. These acoustic properties (how sound is absorbed and transmitted) then affect the level of silence, softness and focus in the area.

As a result, carpet has become a popular choice for office flooring. Aside from the cushion it provides to our feet, carpet also makes the area “softer.” This means there’s not much random noise or that the ambient noise naturally present in offices becomes more tolerable. Instantly you’ll notice this when you compare a carpeted office with a non-carpeted one.

Although carpets require a special kind of maintenance, it’s a price worth paying if you want to create a friendly and professional workspace. It also makes the area different from industrial environments and paved areas where the feel is too hard, tough and unnatural. The carpets also help create a different vibe than from the rest of the building.

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