Should I Be Worried About VOCs in Carpets?


If the carpet is of high quality and installed professionally with all the precautions, then you don’t have to worry about the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other substances and particles that might affect your respiratory and overall health.

Should I be worried about VOCs in carpets?

The short answer is no. The detected levels of VOCs in carpets are too low (to the point of being negligible). Also, there are now carpets and other materials that are tested and certified for their minimal or zero contribution to indoor air quality. For example, the Green Label Plus (created by The Carpet and Rug Institute) is now being used to identify carpets, cushions and adhesives that meet strict criteria for low chemical emissions (as tested and certified by independent laboratories). With the Green Label Plus, both the everyday customers and the builders and contractors will be able to choose and use “healthy and eco-friendly” carpets for their projects.

In the market now and those being installed by professionals, most likely the carpets are of high quality and low chemical emissions. You can ask the supplier or professional installer about the VOCs and your other concerns about the carpet you’re about to have in your home or building. You can also ask them about the precautions including after the carpet’s installation and long-term everyday use.

For instance, the “new carpet smell” will naturally dissipate within a few days (and you also don’t have to worry about the VOCs in that). If the carpet is unrolled and aired out already before site installation, the smell and the emissions will be less of a problem. And if you’re worried about the accumulation of dirt and allergens in the carpets (as well as the disturbance of the settled particles as you vacuum or clean them), professionals can advise or assist you on how to do it properly and how often the cleaning and maintenance should be done (you can also download our brochures about carpet care and maintenance).

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