Timber Flooring


Carpet Direct 2 U supplies and installs timber flooring products to offices and homes all over Sydney. Our range of timber flooring products includes oak flooring, hickory flooring, wood laminate flooring, hardwood flooring, hybrid timber flooring and many more. All of the brands we supply have been manufacturing timber floors for a long time and have an outstanding reputation for quality and durability that cannot be matched.

Timber flooring adds a level of sophistication to your office or house which is very different from that offered by carpeting or laminate flooring solutions. Timber flooring lasts a long time and adds character and beauty to any professional or residential space. Wooden floors do require some maintenance to ensure they do not warp or become scratched, but, when maintained properly, add an elegant finish to your building. Just be sure to clean up any liquid spills as soon as they occur because water can penetrate the wood and cause it to change shape.

Installing timber flooring gives you the chance to revitalise the entire look and feel of your property. You can furnish your property with décor that complements the floors to create a stunning aesthetic. A wooden finish offers character to an office or house that lasts for generations and that can increase the value of your property.

Timber Flooring Brochures

Carpet Direct 2 U offers a wide range of wooden flooring solutions that can be customised to match your specific requirements. When you call our sales team, we will discuss the look and feel of your property and can recommend solutions that suit its style and age. Call us today to discuss timber flooring finishes for your property.


Villeroy & Boch

Ornato Hybrid


Wonderwood Oak


Balmain Oak

Chateau Oak

Corsica Oak

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