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Carpet Direct 2 U supplies and installs permanent carpet solutions. Our carpet piles are long lasting and come in a variety of different styles to suit your preferences for texture and material. If you are redecorating your office or home residence, we have a solution that’s right for you. If you or your coworkers or family suffer from allergies, we have hypoallergenic carpet available. If you need easy to clean carpet, or if you need hard wearing carpet that can sustain impacts, give us a call.

All of our carpet solutions are made in Australia which means they are compliant with Australian manufacturing standards. Our carpets are all of high quality and are built to last. You can ensure that cleaning and repair work can be done with ease when you buy Australian-made carpets from Carpet Direct 2 U. You also support local business when you buy from us, which provides employment for local workers who provide for local families.

At Carpet Direct 2 U, we sell a vast range of different carpet solutions. From plush pile (velour) to loop pile (commercial), Axeminster (woven) and many more, we can supply carpet to suit your business or home specifications. Check out the product descriptions below for more detailed information about the different types of carpet solutions we have available at Carpet Direct 2 U.

Plush Pile (Velour)

  • Carpet pile stands upright with an even smooth surface
  • Yarn is constructed with a slight twist and set
  • Very soft looking in appearance
  • Can show shading from footprints and vacuuming

Twist Pile (Frieze)

  • High twisted yarn laying in different directions
  • Carpet more textured in appearance
  • Hard wearing

Pattern (Cut & Loop)

  • Carpet is a combination of cuts and loops
  • This is a unique texture and enables carpet manufactures to make patterned carpets
  • Soft and popular in loungerooms
  • Durable due to the loop pile

Loop Pile Commercial

  • Pile forms a loop and the yarn is threaded back through the backing
  • Durable and will withstand heavy traffic
  • Does not show footprints
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Common carpet in commercial properties

Textured Sisal / Loop

  • A type of loop pile
  • Textured loops in straight rows
  • Loops can be of varied heights to create texture
  • Adaptable in appearance
  • Suitable for those with allergies or asthma
  • A good carpet choice for rental properties as it is hard wearing


  • A broadloom carpet made of thicker yarns
  • Yarn is tufted into chunky loops of different sizes
  • Usually natural off-white with a flecked appearance
  • Shows fewer footprints and vacuum tracking
  • Superior wearability

Shag Pile

  • Long-cut pile that lay in different directions
  • Low-density construction with more spacing between tufts
  • Deep texture and shaggy appearance
  • Superior durability
  • A luxurious feel carpet

Axeminster (Woven)

  • Axeminster carpet is woven rather than tufted
  • Each individual yarn is woven into the backing, rather than being placed on a pre-made backing.
  • Highly durable, top quality carpet style
  • Often the carpet was chosen for prestigious buildings, for its durability and luxury

Permanent Pile

Reversal Shading

What is it?

Permanent Pile Reversal Shading is a phenomenon that can appear in any cut
pile carpet. Its occurrence is random and its causes are largely unexplained. It
is also commonly referred to as watermarking, pooling or puddling. A cut pile
carpet that has ‘shaded’ will show areas lighter or darker than the surrounding
carpet pile. This variation is caused by the reflection of light from pile tufts
which come to lay in different directions.

Visually, Permanent Pile Reversal Shading is not unlike the brushed appearance of other cut pile fabrics such as suede, velour and velvet, although the appearance change in a carpet that has ‘shaded’ will be permanent.
Permanent Pile Reversal has been associated with cut pile carpet for many
years, in fact well before the advent of machine made carpets. Despite extensive research and development of methods and techniques to minimise the occurrence of shading, the characteristic is not predictable.
As Permanent Pile Reversal Shading will have some impact on the appearance
of a carpet, consumers should consider the possibility that it may occur when
buying a cut pile carpet.

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