Planning to Replace Your Flooring? Read This First


Aside from repaint, another way to give an instant fresh look to your home or a specific area is to replace the flooring. After all, the floors occupy a large surface area and heavily influence the look and feel of the site. For instance, if you replace the vinyl floor with carpeting, what happens is you drastically change the feel and atmosphere of that room.

Planning to replace your flooring

However, replacing the floor is costly and often feels like a remodel. The existing floor might be removed first before installing the new flooring. Also, the site should be emptied first before doing any floor removal and new installation. This can be more difficult and invasive than a repaint. Although painting the walls and ceilings might also require scraping of the existing coating and preparing the surfaces, the task of removing the floor and installing a new one could be more difficult and complex.

As a result, homeowners and asset managers often think several times before going ahead with replacing the flooring. Also, a professional consultation is important for knowing all the options you have. This way, you’ll know the most attractive and most cost-effective way to get on with the project (the floor installers, contractors and other tradies can come up with an optimal way for your home, kitchen, bathroom or other area).

What about time and costs? The entire project duration will also include the days for removing the floor (this may also include moving furniture and appliances to a safe place). There will also be preparations for the existing floors and the site for installation. As a result, the cost of flooring replacement is hard to estimate. The complexity and high variability of the project makes it difficult to calculate the costs.

It’s only possible if flooring installers actually inspect the site and study your requirements. Each project is unique, which is why the pricing and the approach will also be that way. Also, the flooring installation and your options should be tailored to your requirements and your existing home environment.

Contact us today if you have questions on your flooring options. We’ll come up with a practical way to give a refreshing look to your spaces through quality flooring.