Is Longboard Laminate Flooring a Good Choice?


This type of flooring is versatile, easy to maintain, more affordable and easy to install. When it comes to the design and aesthetics, its appearance can instantly enhance an area’s appeal. For example, with planks of 2.2 metres that are great for large spaces, the entire area will look elegant, modern and natural.

Is longboard laminate flooring a good choice?

As with other laminate flooring, this replicates the natural feel and touch of wood patterns. It will totally look and feel like natural wood with all the grains and knots, which creates a natural, friendly and sophisticated atmosphere in every room.

When it comes to costs, laminate is more affordable than hardwood. With the cost savings you’ll be able to put that money instead on further home improvement. Also, laminate is a lot easier to maintain than hardwood. The latter is vulnerable to warping while laminate retains its form no matter the weather or humidity levels in the area. Also, with laminate’s innate water resistance, cleaning (including sweeping, wiping and vacuuming) will be quick and easy. You also don’t have to worry about spills ruining the floor’s surface.

Aside from the upfront material costs, you’ll also save money on labour because laminate (including longboards) is easier and quicker to lay and install. On the other hand, installing hardwood is a laborious process which may even require additional surface preparation and other tasks.

With all those advantages, a longboard laminate flooring is a practical choice. You get the benefit of having flooring that looks and feels like wood while eliminating the drawbacks of material warping, harder maintenance and higher costs. In addition, there’s a variety of designs available (ranging from brownish to grayish in tone). You can choose the one that best complements the room or that creates the perfect vibe in the area.

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