Is It Time to Replace Your Carpet?


Torn and damaged carpets should be replaced immediately both for safety and aesthetic reasons. Also, if professional carpet cleaning doesn’t work anymore, it’s time to buy a new carpet to make everything look new and refreshing.

Is it time to replace your carpet?

Large tears and rips in the carpet make repair impossible. Small rips can still be remedied because they’re still not noticeable. But for large damages, replacement is often the only option. It’s especially the case when it has already lost its original form. Even with professional cleaning and repair, the carpet won’t look the same ever again. Aside from the damaged carpet itself, it can also ruin your flooring and entire interior’s appeal.

Homeowners and residents also replace their carpets if the smell lingers and sticks. Stinky carpets, even after professional cleaning, can ruin the vibe of the dwelling, room or office. Why does the smell linger even after cleaning? Most likely the odour has penetrated deeply into the fibres. Mould and mildew growth is also possible here, which is a serious respiratory health risk.

Wrinkles and unevenness in the carpet padding is also an urge for replacement. When there’s something wrong with the padding (which supports the carpet), it can feel uncomfortable and unsafe to walk on. You might also even notice an unusual noise (perhaps a crinkling sound) while walking on the carpet. The unevenness and wrinkles cause worries and it will be best to get a new carpet for your safety and peace of mind.

Allergies can also be a sign for replacing the old carpet. It might be accumulating allergens and particulate matter more quickly. The allergens then freely circulate around the room 24/7. As a result, our respiratory health is always at risk. The allergens trigger the immune system and if this goes continuously and for long, the old carpet might be the culprit.

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