How Can Commercial Carpet Tiles Improve Comfort and Wellbeing


Commercial carpet tiles can do wonders for the ergonomic, health and visual appeal of your office. As office spaces evolve, people are getting more conscious of the fact that their needs to be elements of appeal within the professional working environment. The five senses must be stimulated to a degree that is not distracting, but which improves the emotional state of workers during the 9-5 grind. The demand for an ergonomic workspace is growing and the potential to increase the aesthetic and functional value of an office space has never been greater than now. Commercial carpet tiles can complement the other design elements of your workplace and offer a comforting visual appeal that makes the daily routine far more pleasurable.


If an office space is not comfortable to work in it can lead to absenteeism which harms the profitability of most organisations. Health complications are another risk of an uncomfortable work space and can have a similar effect on the health of an organisation. Commercial carpeting provides padding for feet and reduces the impact when employees’ feet strike the floor during movement around the office. This makes things more comfortable which may help employee retention rates.

Health Benefits

Depending on the variety chosen by the buyer, carpets can have air filtration properties. Hard floors tend to result in dust being kicked up and around in an office, whereas carpeting can absorb and retain dust particles. Dust particles can be very harmful to the respiratory and circulatory systems when inhaled in large quantities, so a commercial carpet solution can be said to improve the overall health of employees working on top of it.

Noise Reduction

Noise is often a big distractor in a corporate setting. Noise can disrupt concentration and reduce productivity. Carpet is a natural sound absorber and works to improve the impact noise. It also minimises noise which can be beneficial in a moderately noisy work environment.

Visual Comfort and LRV

Light Reflectance Value, or LRV, is a measure of the reflectance of a surface. The higher the LRV, the more light a surface will reflect into the environment. Higher levels of visual comfort are achieved when there is a high light reflectance value. Walls and roofs generally have a high LRV, whereas flooring tends to have a low LRV. By investing in high LRV carpets you can create a uniform light distribution which is pleasing to the eye and can even improve productivity.

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