Home Office Flooring Ideas That Will Inspire Productivity


Home offices have become popular because of evolving business practices and homeowner preferences. Whether the entire work is done at home, some of it is still done in a distant workplace or the homeowner just wants a dedicated space for planning and thinking, an inspiring home office is sure to make a huge difference.

Home office flooring ideas

Most of us when we think of having a home office we first think about the desk, the shelves, the computer setup, the wall decors and everything and anything except the floors. Perhaps because the floor just takes space and has little impact on how the home office will look and feel like.

However, the flooring still has a huge influence on the area’s texture and atmosphere. One reason is that it has a huge surface area and that it can complement what’s above it. For example, the colour scheme of the walls, ceilings, shelves and desks might be dictated by how the floor looks like. Complementary and related colours are often applied to achieve a consistent aesthetic theme. This means that the floors should go well together with almost everything above it.

For instance, if you’re trying to achieve a minimalist feel to your home office, it makes sense to choose a floor design with uniform colour and with zero texture and pattern (e.g. plain gray or a simple wood theme with not much grain (the pattern that comes from the wood fibres’ longitudinal arrangement). Keep in mind that the floor takes a huge surface area which is why it’s important to start with the floor if you’re trying to be minimalist.

If you’re trying to achieve some sophistication and maturity in the appearance of your home office, plain gray will also work (could be carpet or other types of flooring). There are several different shades of gray and most likely you have to try various combinations to see which one’s perfect. Here it makes sense to actually see those shades of gray because often there’s some discrepancy between what you see on the screen and how they actually look like.

Those are just a few ideas, inspiration and starting points you can apply to your future home office. If you require more ideas and a brief consultation when it comes to flooring, you can also contact us here (as of this writing and because of the pandemic, we can arrange to go to your location so that you can see the samples).