Estimating Costs for Carpet and Other Flooring


Material and installation costs vary because of quality, difficulty of the job (including preparation and finishing), labour costs and your specific requirements. The range could be $30 each square metre up to $250 per m2 for materials. The following are just rough material cost estimates per square metre for different floors:

  • Carpet ($30 to $150)
  • Vinyl ($30 to $100)
  • Tiling ($35 to $120)
  • Timber ($50 to $150)
  • Stone ($80 to $120)

Estimating costs for carpet and other flooring

The above cost range is just a guide for you to get a quick idea. The material costs still depend on where you get them from and the quality and aesthetics you require. As with most other things, expect a huge price difference if you’re aiming for top quality. Also, it helps if you see the actual material to be installed instead of just relying on catalogues. Expectations often don’t match reality so it’s best to see the material for yourself and look at the actual colour and appearance of the carpet, vinyl, tile, stone or timber.

When it comes to labour, expect to pay at least $30 per square metre. Again, this is just a rough estimate because it still depends on the difficulty of the job. It’s especially the case when installing timber flooring where sanding and polishing has to be done after the installation.

The quality of the installation matters as much as the quality of the materials. You should ensure perfect alignment and adhesion because rework is expensive and stressful. To ensure perfect installation, you should only count on experienced flooring installers. It also helps to look at the projects they’ve completed so you can gain peace of mind (and see for yourself the results they’ve achieved so far).

The choice of flooring (as well as the installers) is a huge decision, which is why it’s great to take your time before making your choice. After all, the flooring will be a permanent part of your home or building (and will take up a huge surface area). For now, start browsing your options to get a quick idea.