Commercial Uses For Carpet Tiles


Carpet Direct 2 U have over  years’ experience supplying high quality carpet tiles to Sydney’s commercial sector. We have a range of flooring options available to cover the ground on your commercial property and perform all installations promptly and courteously. In this post, we discuss both the benefits of using carpet tiles over traditional carpet flooring and commercial uses for carpet tiles.

Benefits of Carpet Tiles

First and foremost, carpet tiles provide a premium aesthetic that cannot be beaten by conventional flooring solutions. The unique aesthetic and tactile function of carpet tiles supplied by Carpet Direct 2 U makes them extremely appealing as either a short or long term solution to your commercial flooring needs.

Secondly, installation of carpet tiles is extremely simple. Tiles can be bound to the raw flooring material using double sided carpet tape or other adhesive. Compared with installing traditional carpets, this process is very efficient. Carpet squares are very easy to install and easy to maintain.

The lifespan of carpet tiles is essentially unlimited. Sometimes corners start to show or fraying occurs when you employ standard carpeting. The process of replacing entire floor coverings is expensive and time consuming. Conversely, when you make use of carpet tiles to clad your flooring you can easily replace a broken or bruised segment when necessary. Simply replace the carpet tile in question and before you know it your woes will disappear. High traffic areas can benefit from this quality.

Most modular carpet tile types of floor are made from recycled material, like plastic bottled and fishing nets. This makes them very ecofriendly products. On top of that, there’s less waste when you install carpet squares compared to full rolls. So, not only do you save your money by not buying unnecessary extra material, you help save the planet, too.

Uses of Carpet Tiles

The applications of carpet tiles in commercial environments are manifold and various. They can be used to clad entire office spaces with plush, durable carpet and can be used as flooring solutions in warehousing or other industrial settings too. Customers can mix and match wall to wall carpet tiles to ensure they achieve an attractive aesthetic.

Because carpet tiles are very effective at absorbing sound, they are ideal for use in noisy environments such as sales floors or indoors at industrial lots. This property makes it easier for employees to concentrate and finish the work that needs to be done. Quiet environments too can benefit from the sound absorbing quality of commercial carpet tiles.

For commercial environments with requirements for flexible flooring solutions, carpet tiles are a great solution. Our carpet tile products have been used to great effect in schools, libraries, hospitals and retirement homes. We recommend museums and art galleries that frequently change their interior décor make use of these products too. When a dynamic space needs adjustment, carpet tiles are a stylish solution that ensure peace of mind and guarantee efficiency when they need replacing.

Carpet Tiles For Sale At Carpet Direct 2 U

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