Carpet Tiles’ Safety Flooring Features Reduce Workplace Accidents


To reduce the occurrence of accidents in the workplace, consider using safety flooring such as carpet tiles supplied by Carpet Direct 2 U. Falls, trips and resulting injuries can occur when concrete, linoleum or timber floors are left bare, and this can cause great expense to employers who can become subject to expensive workplace compensation lawsuits. Carpet tiles provide a safe flooring solution that can reduce the instance of employees slipping, falling over or tripping on raised areas of a commercial floor.

Slips, trips and falls are the number one cause of work-place related injury and are responsible for over 37 million accidents worldwide each year. This is the reason why employing a safety flooring carpet tile solution in your workplace is so important. Employing a safety flooring solution can prevent slips and trips and improve safety ratings in areas that may otherwise represent a risk to staff. You can consider using carpet tiles as a safety flooring solution in public areas and meeting rooms to reduce potential hazards in the workplace.

Commercial carpet tiles can be employed in public spaces to provide more friction between the floor and employees’ shoes during working hours. Whereas other carpeting solutions can become frayed, individual carpet tiles can be replaced when necessary. This reduces maintenance expenses. Frayed carpets can present a tripping hazard which poses a danger to employees during their time at work. Employers sometimes leave frayed carpet unrepaired due to the high cost of replacing an entire carpet.

Smooth flooring solutions like vinyl, concrete and linoleum often become dangerous when liquid is spilled onto them. Accidents can happen when employees do not notice the presence of liquid on a smooth floor and slip following contact with the liquid. Carpet tiles will dry quickly, and even when wet, will not present a high level of danger to employees who are walking between desks or within public areas of the office. 

Furthermore, carpet tiling solutions are also incredibly easy to clean with a commercial-grade vacuum cleaner or steam cleaner. This ensures that they are free from contaminants regardless of spilled food, beverages or other substances. You can improve hygiene within the workplace by employing a commercial carpet tiling solution at your office today. Bacteria and harmful germs won’t have any room to breed and pose a health risk to employees assuming your office is professionally cleaned regularly.

If you are looking to fit out your commercial space with safety flooring features, contact Carpet Direct 2 U today for a quote for commercial carpet tiles. We are open to trade Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 4:00pm. Call us on 0414 227 738 or reach out via our contact page to ask us to supply and install your carpet tiles and improve the safety rating of your office space.