Australian-Made Commercial Carpet Tiles For Sale Now


As we approach the end of Q1, 2021, a lot of businesses are getting ready to evaluate their current office situation. If office décor is something that is demoralising employees, one solution available to executives and acquisition managers is commercial grade carpet tiles. By fitting out your office space with commercial carpet tiles, you provide a warm and welcome environment for your employees that will boost productivity and improve morale. In this blog post, we outline the benefits of purchasing Australian-made commercial carpet tiles in Sydney and what is the commercial carpet tiles price.

Buy Australian-Made Commercial Carpet Tiles In Sydney

By purchasing only Australian-made commercial carpet tiles you ensure the quality of your flooring solution is premium. Only Australian-made products may be certified by the Australian Made Campaign. Without the seal of approval by the AMAG, your products might come under scrutiny for being manufactured in a non-regulatory-compliant environment. What’s more, the products themselves might genuinely be of shoddy quality, which could cause unnecessary expense and hazards in the workplace if they suffer fault or defect early in their life cycle.

With certification provided by the AMAG, your customers can be sure they’re buying authentic, premium-quality products that originate from our clean, green environment and that are made to demanding Australian standards.

The wellbeing of your staff will improve when you buy high quality carpet tiles and the only way to guarantee the products are of high quality is to ensure they are Australian made. All of the commercial carpet tiles supplied by Carpet Direct 2 U are Australian made and owned, meaning you can experience a high standard of workmanship when you buy direct from us.

Commercial Carpet Tiles Price

Depending on the commercial carpet tile material, the price of commercial carpet tiles will vary. Commercial carpet tiles cost $26.50 per sqm and broadloom carpet tiles cost $29.50 per sqm. The standard of manufacturing of both commercial carpet tiles and broadloom carpet tiles is exceptional and they will meet your expectations… all for an affordable price.