4 Reasons To Buy Carpet Tiles For Commercial Use


When refurbishing a commercial building, most customers seek out products with strong durability qualities that are also affordable. Many people choose broadloom carpet as their commercial carpet solution, but there are many benefits to selecting commercial carpet tiles instead. In this blog post we have outlined the four main reasons to invest in carpet tiles for commercial use.

  1. Easy to Clean/Replace

    Carpet tiles are a lot easier to clean than broadloom carpet. Carpet tiles are also cheaper to clean because broadloom carpets require cleaning more frequently and deeply. Carpet tiles are easier to replace in the instance something is spilled on them or if they start to fray. When either of these situations materialise, you can simply replace an individual tile. In the scenario that you need a broadloom carpet restored, you must pay for the entire carpet.

  3. Easy Installation

    Carpet tiles are easier to install than broadloom carpet. It also costs less to install them because the job can be completed in 4/5 of the time it takes to install a commercial broadloom carpet. Carpet tiles are supplied in boxes, which makes setting up for installation far more ergonomic. Broadloom carpets come packaged in rolls which are unwieldly to transport and require special consideration so that furniture and other items do not get knocked about during installation. Carpet tiles can be cut down to size prior to installation which makes them far easier to use when commercial spaces are not perfectly square or rectangular.

  5. Customisable

    As mentioned, carpet tiles are very customisable during installation and when repairs are needed. Single tiles can be cut to fit into corners and can be replaced easily when they are ripped, torn or begin to fray. Commercial carpet tiles can be bought in a range of colours too, which allows for unlimited customisation potential in terms of interior design. Office stylists can create checkerboard patterns, stripes and even fun, optical-illusion-centric designs. Designs can be tried out before they are glued down, which is not the case with broadloom carpets which are too big to be rolled out and rolled up again and again during the selection process.

  7. Cost Effective
  8. Carpet tiles are more affordable than broadloom carpets in almost every way. Carpet tiles supplied by Carpet Direct 2 U (April, 2021) cost $26.50 per square metre, whereas broadloom carpet costs $29.50 per square metre. As stated, repair costs are cheaper when you employ commercial carpet tiles because only one tile has to be replaced following damage. Finally, the lifespan of commercial carpet tiles can be up to twice as long as broadloom carpet.

    If you are looking to refurbish your commercial space, contact Carpet Direct 2 U for a quote for carpet tiles for commercial use. We are open to trade Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 4:00pm. Call us on 0414 227 738 to ask us to supply and install your carpet tiles for commercial use.